Everything & Nothing

ADDENDUM: These videos have since been removed, but I still strongly encourage you to seek them out.

This is wonderful.

This BBC production is a two-part series, each an hour in length, exploring the nature of reality and the history of how science has progressed through the centuries. It reminds me of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, but with modern production values and compacted into only two hours. Very much worth a view. Hope you enjoy!

Part one: Everything

Part two: Nothing


Michael Shermer at Powell’s: The Believing Brain

Last night, Michael Shermer visited Powell’s City of Books to do a talk and book signing based on his newest work, The Believing Brain. Was a very interesting talk and he brought up some fascinating insights about how the brain works and how our inclination for belief has evolved through human history. There were some 9/11 conspiracy theorists who made their presence known during the Q&A session, inciting a collective grumble from the rest of the crowd, but Shermer answered them politely and honestly. Dr. Shermer was kind enough to join CFI folks afterward for dinner and drinks. Overall it was good times!

Looking forward to reading this book!

Michael Shermer at Powell's