Aren’t We Tired Of This?

First of all, I want to apologize for writing about this again. This is a tired subject, I know, and I really feel like I’m beating a dead horse here (I thoroughly hate that phrase, by the way). The fact remains that this is still serious shit. People have done some rather extreme things in the name of the rapture prediction, from surrendering all personal possessions to attempting to kill themselves and their family in order to avoid the suffering of the tribulation. Click the link, I am not making this up! Stranger than fiction indeed.

Harold Camping’s predicted rapture didn’t happen like he said it would last Saturday. That’s what we all observed. No earthquakes, no vanishing faithful folk, nothing. Are we surprised? Not really. And now Mr. Camping has recorded an apologetic video on the matter. In it, Camping insists that the rapture actually did happen, but that it was spiritual in nature as opposed to physical. Contrary to some news reports out there, Camping did not apologize for getting the rapture date wrong but rather for assuming it would be a physical event. Harold Camping still insists that doomsday (not the rapture, this is a separate happening) will still occur on October 21 of this year.

Hold on a minute, I need to address something. Camping says that the rapture did in fact happen and that it was spiritual instead of physical… so if that’s true, then what’s the deal with those who were spiritually raptured last Saturday? Why is Camping himself still walking and talking just like before? Why is his ‘spirit’ still doing its thing here on earth rather than floating about the heavens with Jesus?

OK, done with that aside, back to the topic at hand.

In all seriousness, I very much hope that Camping’s credibility has been damaged enough by this weekend’s lack of activity that many of his followers will think better of continuing to follow him. That is my hope, anyway, but of course what will actually happen remains to be seen. The saddest thing that emerged from this whole affair, as I hinted at earlier, is that some people are willing to put so much stock into this nonsense that they open themselves up to making terrible and often irreversible decisions that damage their own lives and those of the people around them. I keep thinking about the mom who attempted to fatally slit her daughters’ throats before turning the knife on herself. The little girls didn’t hurt anyone or commit any terrible offense, they just had a mommy who put her faith in religious bullshit.

Camping’s camp aside (sorry had to say that), it’s my understanding that the majority of Christians in America did not put stock into the May 21 prediction, but rather insist that we can never predict when the rapture will occur… but it will happen. They cite Bible verses such as Matthew 24:36, which quotes Jesus as saying “But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my father only.” (KJV) This is of course referring to the rapture. These Christians do indeed believe that the endtimes are coming, but that Harold Camping had no business attempting to predict it in the first place. Several of them have come out and said that the predictions, if anything, hurt the Christian faith in that it portrays all Christians in this particular light of craziness.

Silly Christians.

Someday, perhaps, the people in this nation who acknowledge that there is no rapture or day of judgment looming over us will outnumber those who do buy into such absurdities. Won’t be anytime soon, I know, but I can still hope right?

Honestly, I’m done with all this. I’m tired of Harold Camping and his apocalyptic obsessions rooted in Christian dogma. It’s stupid, it’s pointless, and there are other pressing matters that are far more deserving of our attention.

ADDENDUM: This is wonderful!


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