The Saga of Preacher Dan

In May of last year, I recorded this video of one of Portland State University’s most notorious street preachers, commonly known as ‘Preacher Dan’. Here he is seen performing one of his customary confrontational preaching sessions, and two PSU students react in an equally confrontational manner:

Now it is February of the following year. Preacher Dan has not been seen on campus at all this academic year, and some of us who dealt with him more than the other students were becoming concerned. We knew of his personal troubles. We knew that he had been married and was the father of six children, and that his marriage ended on account of Dan’s… how best should I describe it? We’ll call it ‘excessive religious fervor’. So no word on the whereabouts or happenings of Preacher Dan for several months, and I started to hear rumors about him being in trouble with the law.

Then I found this news article: [link]

…and I damn near shat myself.

Here’s yet another lovely article detailing one of Daniel Lee’s earlier encounters with the law, this from back in 2003: [link]


Here is a link to Dan’s Facebook site. Looks like he’s still pretty active on there, not to mention more than a little bit mentally unstable: [link]

UPDATE: 2/9/2011

Looks as though the police found him in Alaska. I kinda like the bit about how local police, state police and park rangers all teamed up to arrest him. [link]


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